Follow up with prospects while they're engaged... in Real Time, at the Right Time!

Tele-mail Live Connect Triggers

Tele-mail bridges your sales reps to engaged prospects in real time!

Tele-mail Voice Broadcast Triggers

Trigger pre-recorded calls with "Press 1" functionality to E-mail recipients based off an E-mail Open or Link Click

Customize Your Own Campaigns

Tele-mail triggers can be... delayed by minutes/hours/days... create emails with various call triggers for different departments/affiliates... linked to auto-responders or even sign up web forms.

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Tele-mail is a web based multi-channel, E-mail marketing platform.

Built for the serious marketers in mind looking for a competitive, cutting edge.

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  • Lead Generation/Appointment Setters

    Lead generation companies love tele-mail, because they can generate live call transfers to their inbound call center for lead verification/scrubbing purposes than hand off a double verified lead for big money!!! Appointment setters are professional cold callers, so naturally, Tele-mail compliments their efforts by connecting them to key prospects and decision makers in real time, at the right time!

  • Data Vendors/List Rentals

    Data vendors have tons of clients that buy their data, however their clients often do not have am effective solution to reach the data. Data vendors can resell Tele-mail and even white label the solution, so it looks like their own platform. List rental companies often do their own in house deployment on behalf of their clients. Now with Tele-mail, they can continue offering that solution with their existing SMTP servers, but also enhance their offering with live call transfers!

  • Direct Sales B2C & B2B

    Any company that has sales reps and uses E-mail for soliciting customers will immediately see an increase in their KPIs, sales volume, and overall contact ratios. Specific industries that see the biggest impact are travel/tourism, cruise lines, software sales, financial services, insurance, and Public Relations firms.

  • Collections/Borrower Outreach

    The most difficult to reach people are debtors, that's why collection agencies and borrow outreach firms use Tele-mail to reach their targets. The key is to craft your subject line carefully to entice the open, which then triggers a call within minutes to the collection reps. The caller ID can dynamically be set to any local number of your offices. There is no other technology that accurately predicts the availability of prime targets and facilitates the automated calling process.

  • Staffing/Head Hunting

    The staffing/head hunting industry consists of two key prospecting angles... 1. It takes a lot of calls to reach candidates as they often work during business hours. 2. Finding new companies that have staffing needs takes a lot of cold calling! Tele-mail helps on both sides to remove the cold calling stress. The hardest part is building a prospect list, which can be outsourced or done during outside of business hours.

  • Political Campaigns/Fund Raising

    Political campaigns have huge lists that they often send E-mail, direct mail, and tele-marketing. Now with Tele-mail they con integrate their tele-marketing efforts with their E-mail campaigns to increase their contact rations and speak to more voters and supporters! Fund raisers also typically have their own databases that they call to solicit donations or raise capital for investment opportunities. There is no better way to connect to these hard to reach people than Tele-mail Live Connect!

  • Public Relations

    Public relations firms specialize in reaching journalist and media professionals to get stories printed or broadcasted. Their main approach is to send out press releases and pre-written stories/follow ups via a targeted or sometimes shotgun approach. When PR firms use Tele-mail Live Connect to send out this information, they are able to get notified via phone when each contact opens their press release or story and bridges them in real time, at the right time! Now they have a stronger chance to get their pitch explained, understood, and printed/broadcasted, while fostering their sensitive and critical relationships.
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Discover what Tele-mail can do for your prospecting and outreach efforts.

Tele-mail is revolutionizing the way your team reaches prospects by eliminating the cold call! Imagine speaking to leads in real time, at the right time, while engaged in your messages! Watch the video below to see how it works.

Our Story

Based in Miami, Fl. founders of Tele-mail have identified the solution for the impossible task of predicting a prospect's availability. Tele-mail founders learned that following up with prospects within several minutes of opening or clicking a link in an E-mail, dramatically increased contact and conversion ratios. After realizing the technology could not be purchased off the shelf, they set out to design and build the platform in house. So for the last 4 years they have been growing their sales and executing killer lead generation campaigns that yield to extremely high sales volumes. After perfecting the technology among their various companies and VIP business colleagues, they have decided to bring this platform to market for other companies to expand their marketing efforts. Tele-mail is a patent pending technology system that is the only platform on the market that bridges your organization to your engaged E-mail recipients in real time, at the right time!

Powerful Features for Strategic Marketing

Not all Email Service Providers (ESPs) are created Equal. Most will have the same default features. Below you will see what separates the bulls from the calves.

  • Creating and Sending EMail

    Use 100's of built in Email templates or design your own HTML email templates to create that WOW factor using the WSYWIG editor.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Gain the insight you need to measure ROI and overall results with detailed reporting that shows open rate, click rate, bounce rate, Tele-mail Call connect rate, and more.

  • Advanced Triggers

    Triggers can be set off by open, click, birthdates, and several other custom options. Our patent pending Tele-mail Call Trigger will connect your sales teams to hot leads in real time!

  • List Building and Segmenting

    Optionally create double opt-in lists to ensure maximum deliverability as subscriptions come in via web forms. Segment lists based on certain actions and triggers to help build even deeper, targeted lists.

  • Autoresponders

    Automate the sending of emails through pre-configured time intervals and you can even include Tele-mail call triggers in these automated emails. Now that's marketing automation on steroids!

  • E-mail Deliverability

    The E-mail industry is constantly changing to escape black hat E-Mail spammers. We monitor these changes to maximize your deliverability. We setup the critical features required for max delivery rates like dedicated IP address, DKIM, SPF Records, Auto SPAM Checker for your E-mail campaigns, and whitelisting services upon request.

  • Shopping Cart Abandonment & Web Form Notification Triggers

    Build your own web form with custom fields and questions. Embed sign up and lead forms on any website to grow leads, subscribers, and memberships. Use Tele-mail Live Connect on any web form submission to connect your sales force with hot leads in real time, at the right time!

  • Agency Level/Resellers

    Unlimited client sub accounts make it easy to manage and control all your client's campaigns. Including multiple logins, list sharing, template sharing, suppression list sharing. A complete white labeled solution under your own brand gives you maximum control and power to grow!

  • A/B Split Testing

    Split testing is the most under used, but most important tool in a marketers tool bag. When used right, A/B split testing will double your open/click rates. Now you can know which subject lines, ad copy, HTML vs. text works best for each list and campaign before a full send is launched.

Frequently asked questions

We know you have plenty of questions, so here are a few FAQs. Call us today to get all your answers!

How can I test or try Tele-mail out?

First, fill out the form above and the system will send you a live Tele-mail with a couple triggers. Secondly, speak to our sales consultants to launch a small pilot program and you will quickly see results.. in real time, at the right!

How does Tele-mail know what phone number to call?

You must upload your contact list with name, phone and E-mail at a minimum in order for Tele-mail to work. Unfortunately, Tele-mail doesn't have a universal phone book based on your prospects E-mail. However, there is service providers that can append phone or E-mail based on the data you do have. Check out our partners page to learn more.

Will recipients get creeped out by Tele-mail calls?

Typically most people do not correlate the Tele-mail Live Connect phone call with the E-mail. Obviously, the Tele-mail Voice Broadcast call will definitely be correlated if triggered within minutes of the open or click. Depending on the recipient list type, it is actually encouraged to reference the E-mail right away by saying, "Hi John, I was calling about an E-mail I sent to you earlier today. Did you get a chance to read it?" It then becomes assumed the call is a coincident.

Can I use my own SMTP servers?

Yes- You can use your own SMTP servers. Some companies may have their own reputation built up with their own dedicated IP addresses and sending server, so we encourage yo to use your own SMTP server. We also heavily discount your monthly pricing, since we don't incur the load and sending reputation management.

Choose your packages & pricing

Our pricing is competitive, but not the cheapest! We use robust back end E-mail delivery systems to ensure maximum delivery. NOTE: You can use your own SMTP servers, which can discount the rates by 50%! Contact us for details.


per month
  • 10,000 E-mails
  • 100 Dialer Minutes
  • 4¢/Additional Minute
  • 5 Agents
  • Call Recordings
  • Dedicated IP-$34.99/Month


per month
  • 100,000 E-mails
  • 500 Dialer Minutes
  • 4¢/Additional Minute
  • Unlimited Agents
  • Call Recordings
  • Dedicated IP- Included


per month
  • 500,000 E-mails
  • 1000 Dialer Minutes
  • 4¢/Additional Minute
  • Unlimited Agents
  • Call Recordings
  • Dedicated IP- Included

Senders with over 500,000/Month volume, please contact us directly for pricing. We want your business, seriously!
*Additional fees of $495-$2500 may apply for advanced training, managed deployments and HTML E-mail designs.

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